19 thoughts on “20 reasons to love cycling

  1. Makes me want to get my bike out – except I have a flat tyre and some work to do. Maybe another day…

  2. Other reasons include:
    * The joy of wearing Lycra
    * Racing ‘buses
    * That smug feeling you get while overtaking cars
    * The money you save by not having to fill up the car to get to places (especially true for commuters)

  3. For people like me who are disabled and too wonky to ride their bike on the road, you can now get stabilisers for grown ups. When I remember to get the wheel diameter of my bike measured I will be ordering some, so I can cycle again. At present have to make do with gym.

    • Stabilisers?!! I have not heard of this! this is exactly what I need, if it is what I think it is. I just got my bike out yesterday after 10 years and about 30 pound, promptly fell and really hurt myself. Will do a google search and see if I can find something about this.. or, you could tell me more about it??


  4. This needs to be a T-shirt (but the print would probably be too small to read & if it’s one thing cycling doesn’t do it’s improve your eye sight).

  5. i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE this so much! SO much!!!!!! It makes me forget about all the reasons I’ve been sad about cycling, like angry drivers and crappy roads and angry cyclists…your cartoon MADE MY DAY! How can I get a poster of this??

  6. 21. The proud feeling you get when you tell someone you cycled 50 K a day along the Danube every day for a month, especially if you are not basically an athlete 🙂 and have turned sixty!
    22. Visiting European cities and getting to see people’s backyards and not just the inner city tourist attractions.

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