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About me

This site contains cartoons by me, Dave Walker. A bit of an introduction: I live to the east of London, (OK, near Basildon, Essex, to be more exact), and have been drawing cartoons professionally since 2005. I’ve been a cycling enthusiast for as long as I can remember, and used to race for a while back in the late 80s / early 90s. I enjoy all kinds of cycling – on the road, mountain biking, and I have a folding bike and a hybrid for getting around town.

One or two pictures…

Struggling up Alpe d’Huez.

Mam Tor, Peak District, May 2017 (Photo credit: Alastair Jones).

In Amsterdam.

This website is my first attempt at combining my love of cycling with my cartooning.

My main cartooning success has been as a weekly cartoonist for the Church Times newspaper, which I have done every week for 12 years (with occasional breaks). If you’d like to see my church-themed work, including the five books of my work that have been published, then click here.

During 2016 I drew large numbers of new cycling cartoons for ‘The Cycling Cartoonist’, published by Bloomsbury in June 2017. You can find details of all of my cartoon books via my Amazon author page.

Sharing cartoons

I really appreciate it when people share my work. Guidelines for sharing:


Please include my Twitter handle, @davewalker, AND a link to the original cartoon on this website in your tweet.


All of the cartoons on this website are also posted on the Cycling Cartoon Facebook page. To share please either (1) Click the ‘share’ button under any of the cartoons on the Facebook page, or (2) Click the Facebook button under any of the cartoons on this website. Please do not post the image on your own page using any other means.


I’m happy for Cycling Cartoons images to be posted on personal (ie non-commercial) blogs with a link back to this website.

If in doubt, or if you’d like to use my work in any other way please get in touch.


I have a contact form here – I’d love to hear from you.

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@cyclingcartoons on Twitter (I don’t regularly use this account, but I do retweet links to new cartoons when they are posted)

Hope you enjoy the cartoons!