The Cycling Cartoonist

My book, ‘The Cycling Cartoonist’, is due to be published by Bloomsbury on 1 June 2017.

I’ve been busy drawing lots of new material for the book, which will feature over a hundred cartoons.

More details to follow, but in the meantime you can find updates via thecyclingcartoonist hashtag on Twitter.

The Cycling Cartoonist on the Bloomsbury website.

The Cycling Cartoons shop

There is now a small Cycling Cartoons shop, selling cartoon tea towels and the six cartoon canvas prints I had on display at Spin London. You can find it here: Cycling Cartoons Shop. The two tea towel designs are the cartoons below: ‘Bicycles’, and ’20 reasons to love cycling’.

I can send the tea towels anywhere in the world. The canvas prints are UK-only for now, and there is only one of each. Contact me if you have any questions.



Cycling Cartoons at Spin LDN

I’m going to be taking Cycling Cartoons to the Spin London cycling exhibition in central London from 8-10 May. This is the first time I have exhibited anything at a cycling event, so I’m very excited about it.

There is an interview with me on the Spin London site, here. The video below was made for last year’s event, but it gives a good idea of the kind of things that are at the show.

I will be there meeting people and selling tea towels. Yes, tea towels. I concluded that cyclists need tea towels, like everyone else. And even if they don’t they are good for polishing frames, etc. There will be two tea towel designs. They may or may not be on sale online afterwards, depending how popular they are.

If you can make central London on 8-10 May then perhaps see you there.


Picture: These are my new cards. I am now prepared to meet 999 new people (keeping one as a file copy).